3 Point Thoughts….

March 4, 2013

Another week has been added back on to the schedule, so our Championship Game will co-incide with the Final Game of Final Four Weekend. This means there are two more weeks in the regular schedule, so please take another look at the Schedule Page here on the web site.

Last week in the 8PM game, the Manatee beat the Gators to give them their first and only loss of the year in an exciting game that went right down to the wire. With two weeks left, the Gators remain ahead in the standings by two games, so the Manatee will need some help to catch them. But they are now brimming with renewed confidence after their tough win, hoping they can catch them in the Playoffs if it’s not in cards to catch them in the Regular Season Standings.

Note…There will be a Memorial Service for Ed Johnston’s wife Beth, on March 24th at 4PM, at the Englewood United Methodist Church in Englewood. It’s located on the corner of where River Road turns into Dearborn Street, and intersects with Pine Street. The actual address is 700 East Dearborn Street, Englwewood, FL and the phone number is 941-474-5588.


Gator Bites

February 21, 2013

Gator BitesWith only a few weeks to go, the Gators (Team #2 ) are starting to run away with the regular season #1 Position, and haven’t been beaten all year.  The Manatees, who started slowly, are on a winning streak now, and have jumped into Second Place.  Next week, theses two teams square off in the 8PM game, so it should be a good one.  If the Manatee win, they’ll still have a chance to catch them for the top spot.

There have been a few close and exciting games lately, too, as the competition ramps up to the Playoffs, which start in three weeks and end on April 1.  Final Four Weekend is April 8th, so we’ll be done without a conflict with the NCAA Championship Game.


An Electric Basketball Experience

Over the last week, the web site has been up and down many times, due to server interruptions. Sporadic power outages in various areas serving the pipeline hosting the server was the cause of the problem, but we are assured the problems are behind us. Sorry for any inconveniences this might have caused.

Rumor has it that Wes will be making an appearance next Monday, Feb 11th. It will be great to see him back. Also, just a quick reminder. The following week, (Feb 18th) Monday is a holiday, and therefore the games are scheduled for Tuesday, Feb 19th. Mark your calendars accordingly.


Groundhog Day Report

February 3, 2013

Hoop Playing Animal

OK, so this ISN"T a ground hog !

Well, the Groundhog has decided that the last couple of games that were originally scheduled to take place in April, will be cut from the schedule, so that the playoffs can be over in time for the College Basketball Final Four Weekend. The schedule as it appears on this web site is current and accurate. Refer to this website and not necessarily to the one that hangs on your refrigerator!

The Tuesday night games of January 22 resulted in only one team (of the six) fielding enough players to qualify for the game. As a result, (and obviously) these games are therefore not included in the official standings. Although not “official” games, pickup teams were chosen and they resulted in games that were terrifically competitive, with two of them actually ending in a tie, but since the outcome was irrelevant, no overtimes were conducted. Hope everyone enjoyed the competition, it produced some of the most competitive games we have seen this year!

On January 14th, there was some miscommunication between two teams, and therefore that game was cancelled. Greg Turner of Team #4 called Fred Wheeler of Team #2 to inform him that he did not expect to have enough players to field a team, so Fred told his team it was not necessary to show up. As fate would have it, Greg’s teammates DID show up, but it would not have been fair to award Team #2 a forfeit, so that game is noted as “Cancelled” in the standings. This means 4 teams currently show 6 games played, and these two teams (#2 & #4) show only 5 games played in the standings

On a couple of personal notes:

We were thrilled to see Ed Johnston back in the fold last Monday, even if he did not play. (He claimed he was out of shape, but since he only grabs on defense and shoots his 3’s on offense, being in shape seems irrelevant to HIS game). Anyway, Ed….welcome back. You were missed and lots of prayers were sent your way. We all know that life’s adversity will not change the great attitude of the fine man that you are.

Wes had his Triple Bypass operation a couple of weeks ago. I saw him a few days afterwards, and other than being tired, and having the new zipper on his chest, you would never know he had the procedure. He is doing great, walking a few times every day for exercise and otherwise driving his wife crazy. There’s a rumor going around that he will drop by next week to make notes about who’s complaining the most about the refereeing!


Mid January Updates

January 17, 2013

Please not that next week (Jan 22nd), we will play on Tuesday Night.  Monday (Jan21) is a holiday and the gym is closed!
The schedule on this web site now reflects the latest schedule which was passed out by Gary Bockhold on Monday.  There was some confusion as an incorrect schedule was passed out the week [...]

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Welcome to the 2012-2013 Season

December 18, 2012

The new season is underway, and the site is being updated to reflect this season’s information. Teams are still being “tinkered with’, and we’ll have Team Rosters added to the site when they are finalized. Keep tuning in during the week after the games, as we’ll be adding the Monday Night game results [...]

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So is this a two pointer or three?

January 28, 2011

After all, his feet never touched the line……Now THIS is how you attack the rim without the ball.

Contrary to rumor, that is NOT Greg Turner at center court in one of his basketball outfits, and Ed Johnston did NOT take this video…

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A New Season…and 2 Pair Beats a Full Court!

December 6, 2010

The 2010-11 Season is upon us. We have held our “Organizational” meeting, and our draft, and the new season is set to go. Notable changes include playing thru the Christmas-New Year madness without interruption, and changing to a Four on Four scenario. It should open up the court and allow for less [...]

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The End is Near….

March 16, 2010

The End of the Regular Season, that is. OK, so it’s probably not funny to use that headline for a bunch of Over 50 Guys, but there ARE only two more weeks in the season, then it’s on to the playoffs. Only 1 game separates teams 2 thru 5, and the jockeying for [...]

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The Night the Lights went out in Nokomis

February 16, 2010

For those of you who showed up last night to find the building in darkness………..SURPRISE!!!   The rumors are not true that it was a lockout by the Owners in protest of the ridiculously high salaries we get for playing in this League. Actually, we’re not sure what happened,  the gym was supposed to [...]

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